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     I have experience in commercial as well as residential buildings.  My architectural education had a strong emphasis on modern design,  (which I love!) but I also enjoy old structures and have extensive knowledge of historical buildings.  The South has a rich tradition of beautiful, well built, old buildings that need to be preserved.

     My main focus is always energy efficiency.  By paying close attention to:

  • building orientation

  • sun movement

  • outdoor views 

  • building materials 

  • energy use

  • appropriate room sizes

  • landscaping

  • daylighting

  • local codes


 I can help you build a beautiful, high-performance building that will save you money over the life of the building.

   I design everything on the computer in 3D.  This means that I am able to create virtual walk throughs for the client at any stage of the design process.  This is a luxury generally afforded to large companies but because of my fluency with computers,  it is possible for me to do as part of my standard services.  

My walkthroughs are very user friendly and particularly helpful with long distance clients.  

Seeing a drawing in plan never does it justice and leads to miscommunication,  by using 3D everyone is on the same page.